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We believe that small, intentionally personal, long-term and Christ-centered living space is needed to truly ground women in their recovery. Because of this, Beneath the Shade will be
privately funded.


There are many areas in which to volunteer.

1. Mentor one of our women.
 This will be intense and will require a significant commitment.
 It will also require training, which we will provide.

2. Be sober support.
This will require personal experience with and freedom from addiction.

3. Teach a class.

We will be offering our participants all kind of opportunities while they are at Beneath the Shade—sewing, canning, financial counseling, ceramics, candle making, soap making etc.

4. Be a runner/event helper.

This might include taking someone to an
appointment, helping prep for an event, staff an event, run errands for the Director or House Manager.

5. Maintenance of house and property.

Carpentry, Plumbing, Etc.

Holding Tablet Computer

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