Jay A. Yoder  | Chair

Married to Rhonda  |  Father of four Children  |  Occupation: MRV Siding Supply (15 yrs)
Church: Lifebridge Community Church (9 yrs)

Jay is a true servant leader! He is married to Rhonda and is father to four amazing children. The entire family has been instrumental in getting this ministry off the ground.


Jay has worked for MRV Siding Supply since 2005 and has been an integral member of Lifebridge Community Church in Dover, Ohio, since 2011. He has personally walked with and mentored men struggling with substance abuse and in recovery for years. His faith matters more to him than anything else. Jay and Rhonda responded with an immediate yes when presented with the idea of beginning a recovery ministry on the property they had just purchased. Their desire to be obedient to God has and will keep them going through all the challenges ahead.

"Why did I agree to serve on the board?
Experiencing God's Kingdom is so "LIFE GIVING" and I felt that this was one way that I could continue to
experience His Kingdom at work. The testimonials have been incredible even in the early stages
of this God Work.

How is this stretching me?
- Trusting Jesus more.
- Being more patient.
- Making prayer a priority. 
- Trying to getting along with paperwork, my least favorite thing to do!"


Reuben Beachy  | Vice Chair

Married to Linda  |  Self-Employed Diesel Mechanic  |  Church: Lifebridge Community Church

Reuben is a businessman and mechanic. He is deeply compassionate but is not afraid to say what needs to be said. This makes him an incredible friend and mentor and a wonderful board member. He has personally and intimately walked with men struggling with substance abuse. He has experienced the pain of loss and desires to help people seek freedom in Christ.​

"Why did I agree to serve on the board?

I was made aware, because of some personal connections in my life, of the need for this kind of care for those struggling with addiction. Everybody needs another chance in life.


I had to think of the grace that God extended to me through Jesus Christ. I want to help provide a way through for people whether they are struggling with addiction or wherever they are at in life. Where there is Jesus, there is hope."


Heather Peterman  | Secretary

Registered Nurse  |  Christian  |  Mom of 3 Boys

Heather is a wife and mom to three active boys. She is a registered nurse and has worked and provided leadership in the home health field for most of her career. She and her family attend Uhrichsville Christian Fellowship.


Heather is full of energy and love. She is not afraid to speak the truth in love to the women she mentors and will be an integral part of our mentorship program at the house.

"Why did I agree to serve on the board?

I instantly connected with the mission that Beneath the Shade represented. God has placed a true passion in my heart to help women who may feel lost or hopeless in this world.


I agreed to serve as a board member after much prayer and guidance from my heavenly father (who nudged me to take a chance). I felt very unworthy of this position, and in some ways, I still do. However, God keeps reminding me that I am simply a vessel and I just need to be willing to step out into this mission field. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this board and to be able to experience God move in this county. I truly believe this home will not only bless the women who live there, but all who are a part of it."


Kathy Neal  | Director / House Manger

Lover of Jesus  |  Church: Lifebridge Community Church

"I have traveled all over the world. I speak a second language fluently, I have two degrees and I graduated at the top of my college classes. I am a researcher and will continue to educate myself about substance abuse, recovery, and all the issues surrounding it. I have surrounded myself with business people, counselors, men and women who have been in recovery a long time and will continue to glean all I can from these amazing men and women God has put in my life.  But, I believe the advice of an addiction recovery coach when he told me, “You cannot learn this stuff from a book, you will learn by experience, by trusting God, by walking through it.”​

I grew up on the mission field in Papua New Guinea and returned to the United States for university. I worked my way through a variety of jobs editing, managing offices, fundraising and finally farming with friends. I have known Jesus since I was young, but the suffering I experienced as a result of a divorce did something in me I could not have anticipated. When my ex-husband told me he wanted out of our marriage, I had no choice but to lean into Jesus to survive. It is a spectacular experience to look back and to know it is indeed possible to be made new.


This Scripture is just one of the passages which have carried me through:


I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols.  I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. Then you will live in the land I gave your ancestors; you will be my people, and I will be your God. (Ezekiel 36.25-28)


The experience of losing and grieving my marriage led ultimately to this ministry. God creates beautiful things from ashen waste! God has led me to this place in my life on purpose. We need this transitional living space in our county, our state.


Women are dying, both from overdoses and for lack of anything good in their lives. I believe with everything in me that it is possible to live the life of flourishing that I am certain God offers us. I have seen the growth that has happened in my own life.


I believe it is possible to walk with individuals closely and to effect great change if those individuals are willing. I want to walk alongside Jesus to help provide a safe place as he changes hearts of stone into hearts of flesh."


Mike Fredericks  | Fundraising Specialist

Married to Justine / Father of four children / Broker/Owner Fredericks Insurance / Church: Sacred Heart

Mike is proprietor of Fredericks Insurance, LLC in New Philadelphia and works with businesses and individuals to fulfil their medical insurance and Medicare insurance needs.

Mike has served on the Tuscarawas County Board of Directors since 2017.  In addition, Mike chaired the Tuscarawas County American Heart Association from 1997 to 2000 and chaired the Sacred Heart Parrish finance committee from 2002 to 2014.  Mike is also involved with our community’s youth by serving as the  head strength coach at Tuscarawas Central Catholic High School.

Why did I agree to serve on the board?
I believe substance abuse is one of, if not the, most threatening things to our society and I desire to involve myself with an organized effort to push against this threat.  Additionally, I believe the spiritual component is essential. It is important in my personal life and to Beneath the Shade as an organization. We must win this battle.