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The BTS Difference, And What Money Has To Do With It

Most sober living homes charge an affordable rent/fee for the resident so that there is not a financial barrier to entry. It also helps the resident be able to stay long enough to build a new life (9-14 months) if the rent is affordable. This is the good news.

The downside is that an affordable fee usually means there is no money to pay for staff. If possible, there may be a part-time staff presence, and hopefully (but not guaranteed) there is a volunteer community to get involved in resident's lives - mentor them, guide them, support them. This is vital for the resident's recovery, but too often "free" or "affordable" means you are on your own and rely on the other residents to support you. It also might mean the house/space itself is rundown or not kept up with.

A solution to the lack of staff presence is to charge a higher fee. The higher the fee, the more staff presence. But the higher the fee, the more people are excluded from being able to live there and get support.

Beneath the Shade is using its Non-Profit status to check all of the boxes. We have 5 staff members, plus a Board of Directors and a network of volunteers. It would costs someone $1,000-$2,000 PER MONTH to live at Beneath the Shade. Because of generous donations in our community, women pay NOTHING on day one. They work their way up to an affordable rent as they stay and start earning their own money.

The result is a very involved and dedicated staff, beautiful living spaces, and NO financial barrier to entry. The experience for residents (our MVPs) is unparalleled. MVPs are shown (not just told) that they are deserving of this environment. It is a true solution for not just NE Ohio but possible for the Globe.

Of course, this means we need funding. We have to source resources from anywhere we can get them and find ways to support ourselves as well. We believe God has created this vision and will show us how to continue financially. But we do need help for generous partners like you.

Should you or anyone you know want to partner with what we do, please consider becoming a donor at the link below or contacting us directly.

We are so grateful for our community and all of those who generously give their time, money, prayers and energy to our mission. God bless you all!

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