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About "Beneath The Shade"

Who We Are:

Beneath the Shade is a transitional living space for women who are choosing recovery and who want to rebuild their lives and explore what having a relationship with the Living God might be all about. Beneath the Shade is for women who have lived with substance abuse disorders and know they need more time after rehab in a semi-structured and loving setting in order to live successfully on their own. The length of the program is twelve to eighteen months, depending on a woman’s need and growth.

The ministry is located just outside Dover on 14 beautiful acres, on which sits a house and a barn. The house will be home to a total of six women, five participants and one house manager. The barn will be reimagined and remodeled and developed as a meeting, class and art studio space, for both program participants and for the community at large as appropriate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a nurturing interim living space for women with substance abuse disorders, supporting the hard work of learning to love God, self, neighbor and creation.

We are committed to cultivating a transformational space which recognizes that gratitude, resilience, vulnerability, joy (laughter, silliness, play), creativity and meaningful work (both work that is voluntary and work as a means to make a living) are essential.

Our targeted open date is early September, 2021.

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