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The Game Plan for Eradicating Addiction From our Community

The biggest hurdle for most people struggling with addiction is not stopping, it’s staying stopped.


If you were to ask someone who is currently addicted to drugs or alcohol if they have ever tried to stop, the answer is most likely “yes.” Often, the answer is “yes, more times that I can count.”


So, if it were as easy as just stopping, everyone would do it.


Relapse refers to a return of alcohol or other drug use, which someone has previously managed to control or quit completely.


Therefore, relapse after a period of recovery, is the problem we are trying to solve.


How do we do that? The answer is simple: We come into alignment with our true identity and purpose. In that, we find freedom.


Beneath the Shade exists to create a safe and supportive environment for women to connect and come into that alignment. We do our best to foster this process by having Spirit-led, constructive conversations, and staying connected to a healthy, loving community.


When this happens, addiction becomes irrelevant. People experience freedom and a life that they were created to live. But, if we are going to save our community, we can't do this alone....


So here’s the game plan for eradicating addiction from our communities:


1)    Make sure everyone has access to services to help them stop using drugs and alcohol (i.e. detox programs, hospitals, rehabs).

2)    Make sure everyone has access to safe, supportive housing for them to live after stopping.

3)    Make sure everyone has access to relationships that will promote self-awareness and stepping into true identity (coaches, mentors, ministers, counselors, etc.)

4)     Support people when they show their heart, passions, and callings.

5)    Rinse and repeat.

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