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How We View Ministry

We believe the ultimate goal of ministry is to lead people into freedom and a partnership with God.


But, we realize that people who are struggling have been hurt in the past (we know because we've been there too!). Perhaps they have tried to take leaps of faith, and people have let them down. Or, they have never known a life outside of struggle and feel like there is no other option. Either way, when someone is struggling, they feel insecure about the resources they have or don’t have. Whether it’s their living space, finances, emotional or mental state, or all of the above, it’s survival mode. Without a drastic psychic or spiritual change, it’s really hard to start walking out a life of Faith from this place.


To start, people need to feel safe and secure. They need their basic needs met – shelter, nourishing food, clothing, etc. But, they have emotional needs to be met as well – community, support, love, a listening ear. After a feeling of security sets in, people start dreaming again. They start thinking about what they truly want, what God has on their hearts. They start to remember who they were made to be. At this point, they are more willing to take a leap of faith into the unknown. Mostly because they understand that God (and our community) will catch them. This process is not about religion in any way, it's about RELATIONSHIP!


The gift of this process is when you get to see people stepping into to their true identity and manifesting a life that God has already planned for them. They regain their power and authority, and then begin to help others do the same. To us, there is no better work!

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